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See Video Page for More Present Prophetic World Changing Current Events 

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to turn on (speaker)

Information on the Soon Coming


Watch  Video on: The (Four Stages) of the Sunday Law

Click here to See in Flipbook  

the 4 STAGES of the Sunday Law

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Sunday Law UP-DATE  Videos

Watch: Pope Francis: The Encyclical

Click each Tab below to read the agenda of the Enemy, learn how the unfolding 

Current Events will affect all and how by God's grace to prepare for the Soon 

Coming SUNDAY LAW Crisis !

The Vicegerent of Satan

GC Chapter 3 - The Apostasy

GC Chapter 35 - The Aims of the Papacy

Click to READ 

 The National Law book 

in Flipbook

Watch Current Events about the Book

Click this Link to Watch Videos 

about Current Events on this NSL Book

Click the Link below to read what those who read the book have to say:

Testimonies - on The National Sunday

(Pastor: Jan Marcussen online News Letter)

Click on each Link below to read each Flipbook Articles based on 

Scripture and Inspiration

Receive additional information by visiting ​the pages below:

Revelation Audio Studies

Revelation Flipbook Studies

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