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Audio Bible Studies

*** Reference Study Guide for each Audio Study will soon be made available ***

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A very serious Message for both 

Seventh-day Adventist and Protestants

Brief Overview of the Coming 

Cleansing of the Sanctuary/Judgment of the Living

Read ARTICLES from 

Advent Messengers

Watch VIDEOS on Current Events of  things taking place in the Church

to see why we need to "Sigh and Cry" as we are soon to face 

the coming JUDGMENT of the LIVING

(Page 1) of our Prophetic Audio Bible Studies shares truths on: 

            *Hosea Chapter 1 & 2      *Zechariah 6         *Matthew 13

*Matthew 20       *Ezekiel 9     *Daniel 2

God is through these messages calling for

 REVIVAL and REFORMATION among His people because Sadly there is a Crisis not not in the world but in the Churches including the SDA Church.  

There is sin, apastasy, abominations, ecumenism, and much more is in the "camp"

Whether one an SDA, Protestant believer or even an unbeliever if one would be saved we must by God's grace put away all sin and become truly converted in God's Way and by God's Power alone. 

That's why you need to listen prayerfully to the very 

important and very serious messages of truths

and "sigh and cry" that you may be among the sealed ones.

Audio Bible Studies

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*** Reference Study Guide will soon be made available ***

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          God's Church as depicted

          by an Allegorical Family:

          Hosea Ch. 1 and 2 

God's Church depicted by 

an Allegorical Family Hosea Ch. 1 & 2

4 Chariots coming

from between 2 Brass

Mountains: Zechariah 6

4 Chariots between 2 Brass Mountains

Zechariah Ch. 6

The Harvest: Separation

of the Wheat and the

Tares of Matthew 13

The Harvest: 

Separation of the Wheat and the Tares Matt. 13

************ ***********
    Five Calls for Laborers: Early  

Morning, 3rd, 6th, 9th & 11th

Hour Laborers of Matthew 20

Five Calls for Laborers:

Early Morning, 3rd, 6th, 9th & 11th Hour Laborers Matt. 20

 The Investigative Judgment

of the Living & Purification

of the Church Eze. Ch. 9

 Investigative Judgment 

 the Living &Purification of the Church Ezekiel 9

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream:

the Mountain, Stone & the

Great Image of Daniel 2

The Mountain, Stone & the Great Image 

of Daniel 2

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